Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mt St Mari - Part I

Just back from two solid, hard days of riding. Great training for BC. Lots and lots of hill work - looking forward to seeing the GPS output that Fritz recorded for both days.

Saturday morning - pouring rain out. Here we are just before we set out. Do we look like a bunch of knobs or what!?!

Lots of old, country dirt roads. All the rain in the past couple days made the roads so soft, it was like you were trying to ride through wet cement. Rollie hills made for lots of climbing.

Some nice views.

Not sure what Tanya is up to here? Anyone got a guess?

I actually didn't ride my bike, but rather rode in a pace-golf cart behind Fritz, Curvy Butt and the Vegan Vagabond barking orders at them to pick up the pace whenever they started to slow up. The bucket that I was wearing, for safety reasons (and cool looks), fell over my eyes and I crashed my golf cart, thus explaining why I was in the ditch. I was not under the influence.

View from the top of Mt St Marie.
After we put three plus hours of riding in, I was looking forward to going back to Fritz's chalet to get cleaned up and scoff down more food than I deserved to eat, when Fritz decided that we should climb to the top of Mt. St. Marie. Leading up to the beginning of the climb I started to bonk cause I didn't eat all day. Stoooopid. Yes, I know. Luckily Tanya made me eat a gel and I slowly came back to life - just in time to climb, climb, climb.

Totally gassed on top of Mt St Marie.
By the time I was to the top, I was spent. We were riding so slowly up the hill the mosquitoes were using us for one stop shopping.
After a short look-about, we bombed down to the bottom of the hill and back to Fritz's to lite the barbie up for some grub.

Tell me . . . . does this soy, tofu, bean filled patti substitute make your mouth water . . . .
. . . . OR . . . .

. . . . my double, all beef, bacon cheese burger?
From the last time I checked all the top level racers on the European and North American circuit do the exact same thing after each race. True!
By the way, I ate two of these towers of cholesterol.

Fritz show'in'em who's boss. Double fisted and tearing into them. He had four too!

More chins that a China Town phone directory.

Considering as of late I've been hard pressed to find material to lay down in a post, I'll do two posts of this past weekend. Today's ride posted tomorrow.

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Kark said...

wow. Fritz is KILLIN' those burgers!!

I actually felt bad for them.
Especially the two still on the plate
looking up at their forthcoming fate.

oh yeah, I'm all poetic n' shit today..