Monday, June 2, 2008

Mt St. Marie - Part II

Sunday morning started without rain falling on us. It would however, rain on us later in the day. We left Fritz's chalet and began a steep climb right out of the chute to the base of the ski hill. Once there we climbed some more, another steep pitch, which lead us to another climb. And so on.

Fritz got attacked by a gander who was trying to protect his gosling. Fortunately for the goose, he had heard the rumors of how Fritz tears apart hamburgers two at a time and waddled away feeling lucky that he didn't suffer the same consequences.

Top of a climb, early morning. Clouds and mist hung low on the mountains.



Damn it.

Damn from above

We biked so hard and got so dehydrated that we shrank in size to the size of the Keebler Elves.

Two days of stats:
Day 1: 3178 feet, 77.12km, 3:44 actual ride time, 20.6 kph average, max speed of 65kph.
Day 2: 5,338 feet, 77.39 km, 3:29 actual ride time, 22.1 kph average speed, 63.9 kph max speed.

* stolen from Fritz's blog on big ring racing. More stats there (clicky, clicky).

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

That was a pretty ride and your pics show it! Nice shot of the damn looking down.