Monday, June 9, 2008

Flying Naked Ladies With Bikes

I've been meaning to put some photos of my newest tattoo since April, when I got it for my birthday (I will accept belated cards, presents or sums of money from any of you wanting to send me something for my birthday as it was back in March).
My tattoo is an image from a famous poster that French artist G. Massias painted in 1895 to publicize a new bicycle -- the Cycle Gladiator. Started in Paris in 1891 by Alexandre Darracq (an eccentric, who would later become famous for manufacturing automobiles), Gladiator was one of the dozens of bicycle companies that saturated the market when the cycling craze boomed. The Golden Age of cycling reached its pinnacle in 1895—and that same year printer G. Massias unveiled one of the great Parisian advertising posters. Only four of these original posters exist today.
All of the work that I have on me, up until this last piece, has had significant and important personal meaning. I wanted something a little more fun and something that I wanted just because I liked it.

Originally, the poster was designed to entice people to buy Gladiators bikes - sex sells! I also choose the image, not because I too am sexy, but it reminded me of a nymph or angel. And on my back, maybe she'll help me go faster when I ride and keep an eye out for me. Corny? Maybe, but it's my tatoo and my back . . . . so go pound rocks.

Julie's work can be seen here at New Moon.


Kark said...

"go pound rocks!"

that line just about had coffee out my nose!

nice ink too.

MCF said...

Looks awesome! I just got my recent add-on to my back as well! Congrats.

Unknown said... when you planning on sending that my way? Bad ass by the way:)