Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sat Gat Ride

Chrissie and Jacks dropped me off at P7 Saturday morning and headed off for a walk in the woods while I got ready to roll with Tanya and Kari.
Plan was a ride up to the fire tower, a repeat of the 40, over to Fortune for a lap or two, then to Gameline.
It was hot and muggy yesterday. Ottawa has such extreme temperatures - super duper cold in the winter and stifling, hot and humid in the summer.

The ride yesterday was great up until the first hour, when I flatted coming down a rocky section. I've been playing around with the air pressure in my rear tire - guess I went too low. Got the tube changed out, only to find a hole in it. D'oh! Patched the original tube, tried filling it with my air cartridge - pssssssssssst! Lost all the air, didn't seal at the adapter. Stupid adapter. Luckily Tanya had a pump. D'oh! Wouldn't work for me.

While I was swearing and trying to get the flat changed and wiggling my bum so that the mosquitoes wouldn't bite me, Tanya snapped this wicked shot of a really cool beetle.
Anyone know what kind it is?

To the rescue . . . Hannah came around the corner, just as I was about to toss everything into the woods and start walking home. Luckily she had a pump and I was able to get the bike moving again. Thanks again Hannah!

Curvy Bum was out of town this weekend doing the Rideau Lakes Tour. So I got to ride with two curvier bums instead.

Fire Tower

Met this fella and his buddy walking up the 40 looking to get some gnarly air on their dirt surfers. I don't think he was into it for the fitness - check out the smoke in his hand.
He was a pretty nice guy though and told us to check out this site.

Nice bog. Slimmy green'ness.
Scientists and biologists are saying that this is an ideal year for blackflies and mosquitoes. You don't have to stop long on the trail to find that out!

Besides having three flats, it was a good ride. Almost a great ride, up until I flatted just before getting to the Champlain Bridge, which I had to walk the whole way home from. Crippity crap.


Anonymous said...

Dude - you've got the coolest dog EVER!!!

the original big ring said...

Yeah, he's wicked. This time of year is not for him - way too hot. He'd be content to lay in a snowbank all day in the winter!

Hannah said...

No problem Craig

know what? I flatted on trail 36 - and took me over 10 minutes to fight with my pump and my fresh tube...eventually got it back on the bike, only i couldn't pump it up enough, arms were tired!...fortunately another ride helped me out...