Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just about ready to go. Getting the bike to fit in the bike box wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Was a little worried because it's a 29'er, but it fit no problem. Just up to the airlines now not to crush it.

Notice the two saddles and two seat posts? Yep, one is Curvy Butt's who left his at home.

I had to make sure that everything I am taking fit into one bag and weighed less than 50lbs. Not an easy task. All the cycling clothing, nutrition, bike maintenance & back up parts, camp gear, toiletry stuff and civilian clothing to get me through seven days of racing.

Two pictures. Two differences.

Can you spot the two differences in the articles I am taking?

Winner will receive this as a prize. Hurry with your answers!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

The tires are missing!
omg, I won!! This is so exciting...

...damn, just looked at my prize.

I want my time-spent-looking back

Anonymous said...

I really need a toupe so if vagabond isn't interested....

the original big ring said...

V V - there are two differences. You only got one ! Think more a long the lines of Where's Waldo.

Badger - I've got plenty for a rug for you.

MCF said...

Good luck Craig! I can't wait to hear the stories...we'll miss you while you're out there.

I'm not going to guess because I'm not in need of extra hair right now - I have enough from not shaving!

gwadzilla said...

that BC race sounds awesome!