Friday, July 25, 2008

Ill'n, meds, pimply

For the past three weeks, and since the BC race, I've been sick. My lungs have been filled up with all sorts of gunkage and I cannot breath properly. I saw a doctor, at a clinic here in town, who put me on a puffer and antibiotics. Two weeks later and still no improvement. Yesterday I got in to see my family doctor and apparently I was misdiagnosed and should never have been on the meds. In fact, the puffer was doing more harm than good. Lovely. Just what a cyclist wants, his/her lungs to be put at risk.

I had originally gone to see my family doctor yesterday because I developed a strange rash along my neck, shoulders and chest over the past few days. I thought I was having a reaction to the meds. I like to self-diagnose myself from time to time. Unfortunately, I am usually (99%) wrong . . . . like the time I thought I was coming down with leprosy, when in fact it was just a hangnail . . . . or the time I thought I had scarlet fever, when I actually had a sunburn.

I digress . . . . it was indeed not a reaction to the medicine (which, again, I should not have been taking), but a heat rash. Anyone ever have one before? Fugly! Tiny little dot, pimple like things covering the affected area. Your skin becomes like bubble wrap - once you start popping those little suckers it's hard to stop.

So, what's wrong with me? A viral infection of my lungs that no meds are going to fix. It's a matter of time and rest.


LennyG said...

I've seen the heat rash before and our son actually had scarlet fever a year or so ago. Bummer about the lungs but this may help me keep up for a km or so on Sunday. The cup is always half full...


Anonymous said...

Lots of water and lemon tea with big spoons of honey.
And lots of oranges and lemon juice.
I had that problem 4 months ago.
1st Green, then Red, and after Brown slimy, jelly think.
Guess that you'll be well in a week, but try the recipe, I will make you feel better

the original big ring said...

Thanks Joao - I'll start taking it right away . . . anything to feel better!