Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Fritz is probably smiling right now. I've finally bit the bullet and ordered a set of Arch's and all the fix'ins to get set up on a tubeless wheelset. I had four or five flats while racing out in BC - unacceptable - not to mention an all time number of flats this past season. I've tried running the air pressure higher, which works a bit, but then I get bounced about a little too much. I'm looking forward to running lower air pressure on the hardtail.

Speaking of which . . . . this should be arriving later this week or early next week. Beauty!

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fritZman said...

Your world is about to change buddy.

Imagine pretty much zero flats (I have yet to get one), ridiculously lower pressures that add comfort/durability/traction, and speed that would make even Curvy Butt pucker up in technical sections.