Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puts a damper on things

Rain that is . . . .

Between trying to get my house painted (and battling the weather - so much frigg'in rain here in Ottawa this summer!) and trying to recover from this viral infection in my lungs . . . . well, it's been a bit frustrating to say the least. Today for example, it rained last night and everything is wet, not to mention the humidity in the air - certainly not ideal for painting. Will have to wait 'til maybe the afternoon to get a start on it. Such is life.

On a positive note, I did get out for my first "training" ride since the BC race. Did a tough Gat loop and focused on the hills - a mix of interval work of holding power & speed. My comments the other day about not riding as fast or as hard when you are by yourself didn't hold true yesterday. It was tough. I was still hacking up a lung, lots of 'chunks' were flying and I wasn't getting a full breath, it was the best I've felt on the bike since the beginning of the month. Hopefully things will keep improving.


Anonymous said...

dude, eat honey... lots of honey.
I use to get sick all the time.
I started eating honey with natural pb, no more illness (knock on wood).
It's gotta a shit load of anti-bacteria crap in it. Those bees know what they are doing. Us humans, yah right... we're retarded!

Also, don't touch the stuff in the shitter... loads of germs that'll kill'ya dead! use your foot to flush the shitter. Use paper towels to turn off the sink.
So many damn germs hang out for a good 6 hours or so on stainless steel and such surfaces.

You are probably hosting a nice virus by someone in some foreign country that chowed down on some bacteria infested bird... many bacteria/viruses come from abroad. Some deadly viruses come from small islands where the bats poop into the feed of the pigs. Pigs eat the feed. People eat the feed. Presto, sicko!
Some third world countries get sick simply from the water supply. The water supply is turned off half way through the day and when it does it sucks all the shit into the pipes. (the sewer lies next to the water main). So, bacteria grows over night. People drink water infested shit the next day as the water is turned on....
Gotta wonder why we get sick. We are not immune as many others are.

Take honey. Every day. Thank the bees. And, be worried that many bee colonies are dying off! be very worried.

Anonymous said...

You boys check out this:

totally underground race!

We should have one! Not sure why we don't have one. The big bad wolf ain't gonna be there if the race starts early enough and the true single track is ridden early in the day (double track held after 10am when the old fellers get out of bed! I don't imagine those patrol men being to inclined to getting on the trails much before the after noon. )

It's gotta be done in August! Sept, Oct, Nov brings many many crowds of people. Things are crazy starting in Sept.
Vote in for 3rd week in August for a 166km or so race from hell - black betty race for the skull!

Collect tokens (plastic skeleton bones that forms black betty). Finishers must have a full black betty!

Entry: 50 bucks
course: TBD. Will include climb of the Elderly escarpment! and down Wolf!
max field: 30

It's gotta be done boys. It's just gotta!
For the love of biking and hairy ass checks on fat bitches!