Monday, August 4, 2008


Just got back from a ride at Buckwallow Cycling Centre. Met up with Matt and some of his buddies up Midland way. They came down with plans to pre-ride the O-Cup course for next weekend' s Ontario Cup. I'm not often in the area, so I jumped at the chance to hook up to ride.

Those from Ottawa who have not had a chance to ride here (this has been my second time), think of it like Kanata Lakes on a diet. Lots of roots and rocks, Canadian Shield type riding - you can get some speed up in the single track, but enough technical terrain to keep you on your toes. There is no real elevation gain in all of Buckwallow - there are a few short, steep'ish climbs, but nothing that is going to leave you breathless.

I've got a few photos to post up and will do so when I get home. On holiday from painting the house, so that's all I got.


fritZman said...
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fritZman said...

FYI, If you want more elevation and KL-like terrain, then Porcupine Ridge is only 10-15 away from Buckwallow and literally across the road from Santa's village.

The trails are all well maintained by a local bike shop in Bracebridge and some of the cost is sponsored by Kona.

Porcupine Ridge is quite possibly my favorite stop in all of Ontario