Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stage Five

Distance: approx 65km
Ferry Transfer: Langdale-Horseshoe Bay
Start Time: 8am
Start Line: Sechelt
Aid Station 1 Distance: approx 25km
Aid Station 2 Distance: approx 45km
Finish Line: Langdale Ferry Terminal
Base Camp: Brennan Park 1009 Centennial Way, Squamish

Route: Sechelt - Squamish

You’ll start this morning in picturesque downtown Sechelt, with a jaunt along a paved section of road bordering Porpoise Bay…just to warm up a bit.

From there, move into singletrack and slowly work your way up a small power line in order gain access to the main logging road. This section is quite flat and travels onto the biggest creek crossing of the day (on a bridge, this time!) on a very old road section that’s been abandoned for years. It’s definitely worth a stop and look.

Once out of this section, once again you’ll need to climb up in order to gain access to the Rat Race Trail System, which is purported to be some of the best trails anywhere - according to riders who have raced in many places around the world. These are gentle, buff, and fast rainforest trails and it’s worth taking a moment to absorb the scenery - especially in the areas that have been logged where the fireweed is climbing for the sky…it’s absolutely beautiful!

Much of your time in the Rat Race trails will be under the canopy of the trees, some of which are over 30-40 meters high…if it’s a hot day, you’ll appreciate their cooling shade. As well, there will be lots of small bridges to cross and beautiful creeks to admire. You’ll be treated to an abundance of amazing singletrack in this section of the day; in fact, the Rat Race system is comprised of too many incredible trails to individually list and describe here. Trust us you’ll love every minute of it!

Next, you’ll climb a great singletrack route that will literally keep you on your toes and ultimately take you to the highest point of the day – 725m. Shake out your legs and get ready to grin from ear-to-ear as you fly back down through one of the ‘swoopiest’ trails ever! You’ll be squealing with excitement by the time you reach the bottom!

You’ll have a small break from the singletrack as you head back up to a very fun and fast 7km decent on trails just slightly wider than your handle bars. Don't forget to admire the view! If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, no matter how tired you are, you should switch to road riding!

Only a little more pedaling and you’re across the finish line at the Langdale Ferry Terminal on a super high after riding some of the best mountain biking trails anywhere. Board the ferry and sail into the sunset of Stage 5.

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