Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stage Six

Distance: approx 65km
Start Time: 9am
Start Line: Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish
Aid Station 1 Distance: approx 32km
Aid Station 2 Distance: approx 43km
Finish Line: Squamish Civic Centre
Base Camp: Brennan Park, 1009 Centennial Way, Squamish

Route: The Best of Squamish

New for 2008!! Day 6 gives racers a serious taste of the very best singletrack for which Squamish is renowned!!

Today's route is an incredible combination of two legendary race courses: the famous Test of Metal and very fun Gear Jammer. By blending the two courses we were able to cover the entire valley!

The day will start with a neutral roll out, then a gentle climb from Base Camp up to Garibaldi Highlands where we will start racing.

The start will be approximately three kilometers of fire road which will be a bit of a hole shot for 400+ riders - but don't despair, there will be plenty of time to pass your competitors later. After a blast through the newly reworked Tracks from Hell, you're in Alice Lake Provincial Park. As you ride past both Edith and Fawn lakes, you'll surely notice this beautiful country...but you wont enjoy it for too long because after a quick rip around Bob MacIntosh loop, you will meet Rock and Roll - 500 meters of steep hike a bike.

Next the race takes you through Rob's Corners followed by Cliff's Corners and then you'll make your way over to Garibaldi Park. This is about three kilometers of rolling but steady fire road climbing. After climbing Skookum then descending IMBA Smart, you will head over the new 'George's Crossing' bridge (built thanks to the combined efforts of BC Bike Race and Corsa Cycles.)

Next, a challenging doubletrack climb will bring you to Recycle, one of the most fun XC trails in Squamish. Continue down Psudoesuga One, Two, and Three. Out to Garibaldi Park Road and down through Quest University, over the Carpenters Son's bridge and up to the power line. Then you will see the first Aid Station. You will pass this point again so don't hang out too long!

Psyche yourself up to head over to the legendary Nine Mile Climb. Even the leaders will be hurting at this point! 700 meters from the top you will see another Aid Station after which you head up Lava Flow climb. You have now arrived in heaven!

Descend down The Rip and then the Powerhouse Plunge - combined, these two descents will take you at least 25 to 35 minutes. Back through Aid Station 1 and then right into Crumpit Woods. This first switchback climb has often been called Cramp-it Woods. Over the top of the climb, head to Route 99 for some fast, rolling singletrack. Tackle the Three Virgins climb and at the top you will cruise through Seven Stitches and you're almost done - no more major climbs! Descend down to Cliff Side Park, up and through the gully trail and you are on the Discovery Trail which will take you to the finish line. Don`t forget to Have Fun!!!

The stage is approximately 65 km long, with 5000 feet of climbing. More accurate distances will follow once the snow melts on the top of the course. Finishing times should be around 3.5 to 7 hours.

Sweet sweet single track today - did we ride it all? (clicky, clicky)

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