Friday, July 4, 2008

Stage Seven - Whoot!

Distance: approx 47km
Start Time: 10am
Start Line: Whistler Creekside
Aid Station 1 Distance: approx 25km
Aid Station 2 Distance: approx 42km
Finish Line: Spruce Grove Park, Whistler

Route: All Whistler, All Day!

The final day of BC Bike Race is a significant change from last year. The course begins at Creekside and climbs up Whistler Highlands to the doubletrack climb for close to 300m of vertical underneath the Creekside Gondola.

After about 15 minutes of climbing you will turn down the Bear Creek Trail and hit Home Run which rolls up and down with great views of the Valley. The trail narrows and drops down Lower Babylon By Bike to the junction of See Colours and Puke that descends through a series of switchbacks to Cheakamus Lake Road.

A quick road ride leads you to Upper Far Side Trail and then a rip down Riverside Trail takes you past the rolling rapids of the Cheakamus River for close to 3km of undulating trail.

After Riverside, head up Lower Far Side Trail and up to the High Trail. At this point some tough climbing starts as the steep ramps of the Microwave Climb await with killer panoramic views of Whistler Valley. The reward at the top is Tunnel-vision - an expert descent with some incredible rock faces and bermed turns.

Head up a paved climb to Big Timber and a rip quick descent back to Creekside and the first Aid Station after about 25km and 800m of climbing. Once through the Aid Station, you'll roll along the Valley Trail to the new Nita Lake Lodge and then make your way to the entrance of Lower Sproatt trail. A steep 2km climb brings you to an incredible trail experience complete with ramps, drops and rock faces. Once out of Lower Sproatt it's on to Beaver Pass and its expert descent.

Next head into River Runs Through It for a technical funhouse with great ramps, bridges and features that are so much fun to ride. Exit this trail and hit Aid Station 2 at around 42km with roughly another 20km to the finish.

Once out of the Aid Station tackle the Rainbow Trail climb and wind through the Bob’s Re-Bob network. Next, head into the second oldest trail network in Whistler, Emerald Forest, with its green tunnels and rock drops and the long chute down the Gravel Pit where you'll ultimately end up along the River of Golden Dreams.

Ride up the Valley Trail to the entrance to Cut Yer Bars for an entertaining romp through Whistler’s original trail which bucks and twists down behind the RMOW Works Yard. Proceed into Spruce Grove park for the final romp through the Lost Lake Trail System. Lots of fun on the Zappa Trails brings riders into the finish at Spruce Grove Park and the end of an incredible week!

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