Friday, August 8, 2008


New Vassago Bandersnatch, in blood red, right out of the box.


Sandro said...


I don't know how I got to your blog some time ago but I read it almost daily now (I like it ;). Can you tell me why you like 29er that much, I see that you ride pretty technical trails, is a 26er not "better" on technical trails? Here in Belgium you almost don't see any 29er on the trails an most tracks are not that technical here( maybe this trends still got to fly over?).

the original big ring said...

Hi Sandro,

thanks for visiting!

Yep, I certainly do like 29'ers. I use to ride 26" full suspension exclusively, but once I tried the 29'er I dare say I will never go back to the smaller tire. Not only do 29'ers ride nicely in the technical trails, but they roll extremely well on the faster, not so technical trails. For one, you can run a lower air pressure in the larger wheels - which allows you to corner faster and roll over obstacles easily. You have to ride one to believe it!


Sandro said...

I will have to try one. For the moment I ride a Scott Genius MC 2006 and a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR comp 2004. Next year I will get a new one.
BTW: I have just the same dog(female Berner Senne) as you, mine is almost 7 years old and named Fiocco (snowflake in italian).