Saturday, August 9, 2008


View from Champlain after we got soaked.

Lenny chaaawing on an energy bar. Someone, please tell him when he's riding on the road that he's not supposed wear a visor on his helmet. Talk about embarrassing.

This is a picture of Curvy Butt . . . . . or rather where Curvy Butt may have been if he had come today. I haven't seen him since the airport after the BC Bike Race. He's fallen off the radar. Maybe it's deliberate.
Is he sick of me? Does he want to never see or ride with me again? Was I that bad of a partner?
All this self-doubt has left me in a constant state of shoulder shrugging and hand-wringing.
Curvy Buttttttttttt wherrrrrrrre arrrrrrre yoooooooooou?

Weather forecasters called for only a 20% chance of rain today. It was a beautiful morning and I was able to get the rest of my house painting done, to the chagrin of Lenny, who wanted to ride in the morning. I was able to persuade him to ride in the afternoon once I got my painting done. We were on the bikes around three o'clock, under sunny skies.

Only 20% chance of rain my ass! We got only a quarter of the way through our Gat loop when we got pissed on. Buckets of rain and descents made for cool temperatures.

Here's Lenny on the descent of Black's on the Champlain Parkway. Thought I'd give him the chance to redeem himself after riding off the trail in this video.

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