Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Buckwallow

The trails aren't long, but a whole lot of fun. Basically Buckwallow is a double track course with many single track trails that loop back onto the double track. It's got something for everyone - family, kids, experienced riders and non-experienced riders alike.

After my two O-Cup laps, preride with Matt and his buddies, I made my way around to the rest of the trails in Buckwallow by myself. This trails system an be ridden as fast or as slow as you like. If you're riding with a bunch of buddies, you can duke it out in the single track and then try dropping each other on the open double track until you get to the next trail head.

You an ride pretty much all the trails in about an hour an a half and hit everything. Take a map at the parking area - it gets a little confusing with trails going off in all directions. It costs $8 a day to ride (bring cash - they don't have Interac or an ATM - you can get cash out at the KOA down the road). Access to water, a bike wash, outhouse and change area are provided. A KOA is just two minutes away if you want to stay for a day or two and camp & ride.

This was a shorter, more technical trail.

In keeping with their deer theme, Buckwallow uses a 'Hoof' system to rate the trails - the more hooves, the more difficult. Five was hardest, one not so hard.

This was one of the more interesting trails that I came across.
I ended up riding it a couple of times it was so much fun.

On West D'Nile, the builders linked rocky out crop to rocky out crop for pretty much the entire length of the trail. Pretty cool.

More of West D'Nile.

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