Saturday, September 6, 2008


It wasn't a wasted day today despite the rain here in Ottawa. I was able to spend a couple hours at the Bicycles for Humanity warehouse getting about 50-60 bikes prepped to be sent over to Namibia later this month.

we whipped through about 50-60 bikes this morning, getting them prepped for the container

Tobin had some time to donate and came along to help out Rob and myself to remove pedals, turn handlebars and do whatever else prepping that needed to be done before the 300+ bikes are going to be put in a transport container. There is still opportunity to donate money, drop off bikes and/or soccer equipment, and volunteer some time to load bikes on the transport. (clicky clicky for more info.)

All work and no fun makes Tobin a dull boy.
Someone donated a tandem this morning and they weren't even out the warehouse before Tobin was all over it.
Late edition: Thanks Seb for sending the photo
Rob, me and Tobin & lots & lots of bikes

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