Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last tid bits of France

Okay, okay, okay . . . . enough. This will be the last of my photos from my trip to France. I had a good time and it was a great trip. Can't wait to go back and do a lot more cycling over there.

To be honest, not a lot has been going on since I've been back to blog about . . . . just a preggo wife who is getting larger daily, a start of a new job, six out of seven days of riding since returning home, the end of summer . . . .

bikes, bikes, bikes everywhere

baby eating statues

great bike shop in Paris - Cycles Laurent
I am half asleep

bike shop crammed full of stuff

the bath tubs were small, but I was determined

Tour bikes just outside of Briancon, France

Monaco & Monte Carlo - just stooooopid
filled with lifestyles of the rich and famous

my reflection is the closest I'll probably ever get to being in a Lamborghini,
taken just outside of the Casino in Monte Carlo

from Lamborghini's to Citrons (which is more my style and price range)

to electric three wheel vehicles

no shortage of great signs
no wonder the owner of this van is singing the blues

some wicked bad gas on this street

sign in Monaco
and I was about to walk around in my whity-tighty all day

Eiffle - day

Eiffle - night

cobble stone roads
this one was the road on the Avenue des Champs Elysees

great street entertainment
you can't see the empty, and half empty, bottles of wine at this guys feet

people of France were relaxed, naked and really helpful (got directions from her!)

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MCF said... seriously always have the best photos and stories!!! Looks like you two had the best time!