Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ride and go seek

I got this e-mail yesterday from my buddy Charles of Team Go Banana, you may recognize him from and is better known for his "Crash That Was Heard Around the World" during the BC Bike Race.

I see from your blog that you were out in KL lakes last night.

I did an outback loop (starting from Klondike) after work and it turns out I was slow or went in too late as it was pitch black as I was hitting the ridge. With no lights the ridge is even more fun. I had to walk a few sections.

There were 3 packs of riders that I came across working my way out and I was wondering if you were one of the groups. Were you in that area around 8:30?

I actually hid in the trees so I would not have to explain how stupid I am to all of the HID and other light rich people who were all going in the other direction ... kinda funny hunched in the bush hiding as people bike by . . . .

. . . . It was so dark I did not know if I was on the trail at times .... riding by sound ;-)

It is a weird feeling lying in the brush hoping they do not turn to look sideways ... would be embarrassing but funny I guess. It was also kinda cool to be on the ridge and listening to the pack as they banter. I was glad to know the trails so well to get out. I contemplated riding the trail out but the cut to Klondike is not one I take much so I took the pansy route.
Made me think of that scene in one of the Rambo movies (and who doesn't like Rambo movies? some excellent, excellent acting in them) where Johnny Rambo is hiding in a wall of mud. You don't know he's there until he opens his eyes and you see the whites of them. Hence, the inspiration for some photoshop fun:
So kids, be careful of the man lurking in the woods at night in SMH.
It's no ordinary weirdo, it's just Charles playing "hide (or ride) and go seek".

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