Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where have you been all my life?

Barney Gumble, speaking to a beer: "Where have you been all my life?"

That's how I felt about two new additions to the Jabberwocky. Tonight I was able to get out for a rip in the woods testing out two new products: Stans No Tubes with Arch rims and Ergon GX2 grips. Both worthy of a Naked Gear Review. Don't get too excited . . . . I'd like some more ride time using these two products before I drop my drawers. After tonights ride I was VERY impressed with both, so expect something in the next month or so.

Ergon GX2 Magnesium grips
these grips make me want to join the Happy Hands Club

Happy Hands

Stans No Tubes ZTR Arch 29er
extra suspension and grip-chun to boot - these we un-freakin'-be-lievable!

At the intersection of Pete's Wicked and Outback, out in the South March Highlands, there is an inukshuk marking the two trails. It has seemed to become more of a shrine of un-needed bicycle parts. Whether the reflectors, pump attachments, fenders, and other crap placed on it was meant to be a form of worship/sacrifice to the mtn bike Gods, or merely a place where newbie riders realized that all that shit they've been carrying on their bike is pretty freak'in useless for trail riding. Perhaps a combination of the two.

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