Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kingdom Trails/Waterbury Road Trip Report Day #1

doggie poo on my tire

Despite Lenny riding my bike through a big pile of dog shit at the start of the road trip down south, it was not an indictation of how the rest of the trip was going to go. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

mmmmm, bacon . . . . a recurring theme in all my road trips

don't let the good looks fool you - our condo, at the base of Burke Mtn Ski Hill, was a gaseous filled war zone - way too much farting going on.
I was woken up three times Saturday night by someone's fart that came knocking on my nose.

fall colours

Lyndonville, just down the road from the Kingdom Trails, is home of Bag Balm
- my personal favourite undercarriage protection

we found the Lyndonville town pig
mmmmm, I love bacon

Oooo, yuck. Do something about those nose hairs you freak.

Lenny had a nose for MILPS this weekend. That's right . . . MILPS.
Not MILFS . . . . MILPS.
Mums I'd Like to Plant
Everywhere we went all Lenny could talk about was how nice the fall mums were.

which then caused a lot of 'rapid gaz'
road trips + grown men = farting and gay love talk

*My lack of trail shots is totally Lenny's fault because he wouldn't carry my camera on the ride. Just waiting to steal some photos from Pappa Giles and Dr. Kim.

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MCF said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time --- minus the gas!