Thursday, October 9, 2008


Going along with my one line, few words blog posts from last week, I am swamped right now.
If I had more time I would have photoshoped the swamp thing up there carrying Oprah, his job, a preggo wife, yard work, a bike, sponsorship thank yous and requests, a fence that needs building, and a half a dozen or so other nickel and dime errands that need to get done.
I would have . . . ., but then again, I am swamped.


Anonymous said...

wait until you have kids!
Amplify the time to do anything by -150%.
I now let my gf do everything.
The btch of an x wife does everthing.
I have free time. To spend with kids and with bike.
Lesson learnt. DOn't do anything. Let her do it.
Take advantage of womens' liberation!
Life is good!
(yah gotta be on the 6 month trade in program for the gf though... and be mobile... ready to pull out of a wet spot at any time!)

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous,
i find your comments extremely offensive. clearly your gf has no idea of your agenda because if she did you wouldn't have one. putting your needs before your loved ones is despicable. you are a very selfish man and if you're not more thoughtful/careful, all you will have is your stupid bike. get a life.

the original big ring said...

take it outside you two

Golonghardman said...

Lets keep it clean folks, OBG is a clean kindo' guy!

Anonymous said...

then why would he allow such offensive comments remain on his blog commentary??

MCF said...

Maybe he's not in to censorship of blog posts?