Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday CX

I wasn't up to racing or even riding the bike this weekend.
Instead, 'the wife' (she hates it when I call her that) and I went to Mooney's Bay to watch the OBC senior and masters men's race at 11am.

Nope, that's not a life preserver Chris is wearing. It's her down vest stretched to it's breaking point. That baby in there is getting big!

Just missed seeing Joey in action during his race earlier in the day. Joey is always smiling, ear-to-ear grin, even after an hour of riding the vomit comet.

Warren taking a corner through a huge puddle. We got dumped on yesterday, so the course was a little slick in spots. When I left, Warren was sitting in second place. Results can be found here.

Greg navigating the same puddle. Last time I was near Greg and a large body of water, we got his Ford Explorer stuck in it. He managed to peddle his way through this with no problem.

Matt. You might remember him as the winner from the Big Ring Racing Invitational Mock Grand Prix (or as I like to call it Super Excellent Bike Driving 100% Happy Time Event).

Mike B. - shouldering the bike

Long slog up hill

And congestion at the top - for at least the first lap.

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LennyG said...

Is Joey wearing spandex only!?! Soon he'll be on a road bike... :)