Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vassago Lov'in

Yesterday I got home from work and went straight to bed feeling ill and achy. When I woke up it was dark out and I didn't feel any better. I stumbled downstairs to find a box sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me. I was expecting an envelope or something from Misty with a t-shirt for the winner of last week's prize give away, but this seemed to big for that.

Sure enough, it was from Vassago! I cut it open to find this:

Glass? I didn't order a glass.

But damn, I'll keep it! Beauty!
And inside the glass was this:

Whuuuuuuoooooo Baaaaaby!
Is that a purdy headbadge or what?!?!?! Much nicer than my kitty-cat on the Jabber (which will now be replaced!). Misty mentioned something a while back about sending one my way, but I thought that she had forgotten or was joking with me. No joke!

LinkDug a little deeper in the box and found two of these wicked t-shirts! One for me and one for the grand prize winner of my little prize give away last week.

I'm only a supported rider for Vassago Cycles, but get treated like I'm their star rider. Not everyone can be a fully sponsored rider, or even a supported rider, but everyone can be treated like one - and that's how Vassago rolls. I feel that I do my best to represent Vassago to the best of my ability . . . . but it's easy when you're riding the best damn 29" bikes out there.

Someone else is realizing what I've been telling all
you this whole time . . . . that I am in fact awesome, thank you very much.

No! Thank you Misty & Vassago for being so awesome!


Tom Ament said...

Sweeet headbadge!! Thats going to look sick on the black jabber!! Misty and all the Vassago crew rock and take care of us well!!

Golonghardman said...

That shwagg is "Effin cool"!

Peter M said...

You know, as possibly the team's most consistent (read: dependent) drinker, and certainly pound-for-pound the best at it, AND now that I'm riding the Optimus Ti, that pint glass would feel more at home over here in Centretown.

the original big ring said...

bite me Peter! I've paid my dues - it's mine!
Besides, it's too classy to hold your home made hootch.

Dan Frayer said...

makes me want to buy a Vassago

Anonymous said...

All this VASSAGO Love it's doing on me the same effect as Dan Frayer, but materialised on a full suspension version.
But at the same time, i've been dreaming with the Optimus Ti
It's so beautiful...

the original big ring said...


check out Peter's post here on his OT:

beauty bike!


Anonymous said...

I also visits Big Ring Racing blog, I've clicked on the picture and I almost put the photo as my wallpaper. I wasn't sure about wich picture I would choose, the optimus Ti or the one with you making your Naked Bike Gear Review: Vassago Jabberwocky !!!

I've Recived my prize pack today! ( a lot!

Misty, mailling the pack to Portugal was as fast as sending an e-mail!

Anonymous said...

Craig, you are not only AWESOME, but FUNNY as HECK!!!

and soon to be a father, all of which will come in VERY handy!!!! Kate calls me SUPER DADDY!! too bad she didn't see me sloshing through the mud yesterday like you got that sweet shot of me, thanks man!



Jerome said...

Sweet Man! I got you pack of swag last night. Mucho Gracious! I'm stoked to get the shirt too! Geeze, normally I've very lazy and don't get around to doing stuff until it's too late. Here I was the first to get there answers to you. Sweet. Many thanks man!

Hey, my verification word is Palin. Ha.