Wednesday, November 5, 2008

After School Fall Road Ride

I'm pretty fortunate to work so close to home (10 minute bike ride) and for an early dismissal of my students. I usually have meetings and work to do after they are gone, but today I had "an appointment" in which I had to leave as soon as the knuckle heads were gone.

My appointment was with my bike and it was to take place in he Gats. Weehoo! So out the door I rushed and spun like mad to get home to get dressed and out the door before the sun went down.

At the top of Pinks I stopped to snap a photo. With daylight savings time the early evening colours are purdy.

Sun at my back as I climb up the Champlain Parkway.

Sexy bare legs. +18 degrees today! No need for knee warmers today.

Hazy from Champlain lookoff. No cars (the parkway is closed for the season) only riders. And tonnes of riders in the park this evening! I lost count how many riders there were.


Jerome said...

Hey Craig, I got the T-shirt today!!!! Thanks so much for that dude! I'm wearing it with pride right now.

Man, I wish there were some roads around here that were closed to cars seasonally. Kinda gives a reason to look forward to riding in the off season.

Thanks again and Peace!

the original big ring said...

Awesome Jerome! Now you just need a Vassago bike under you too ; )


Anonymous said...

time to shave those hairy legs my friend. ;-)

for reasons I just sent much easier to clean enormous pedal gashes!