Monday, November 3, 2008

Who am I kidding?

I was debating on calling this post "slothfulness" cause I couldn't find any good pictures of "who am I kidding?" I liked the photo so much I had to put it up. Three toe tree sloth, or in this case a three toe street sloth, are wicked! They look like the 'stoners' of the animal world.

You? Am I kidding you? Am I?
Cause from today on I'm ceasing trying to kid myself into thinking that I am going to get to a cx race this fall (and race and not just take photos). First excuse, I was waiting for a local race. Once it was here, I was sick (which I was). Next race, still sick (which I was, but probably 'could have' raced it). Next one, this past weekend, Chris needed the car, which she didn't end up taking, and I convinced myself I wasn't up to it. God I am pathetic. Someone commented a week or so ago about me being a "wuss" and to just get out there and race . . . . which I wholeheartedly agree (FYI, the commenter did so anonymously I might add, which is 'wussy' in it's own right, but alas I digress). You should just get out there and race and I am a wuss.

I was even commenting a little while back at about how much this Fall that I couldn't get enough of riding. Seemed like a couple of days later my tank of enthusiasm ran dry. Maybe it's partly to a long season? Fall weather turning sour, cold and wet? Me just being a 'wuss'?
Prolly all. Partly I don't know.

In the past I've used the Fall as a transition to the skis, hit the weight room, gone hiking, and just taken a break from the bike. To be honest, I don't feel like doing anything. My body is all achy and sore. Motivation is low. So low, that it took me a week to clean my mtn bike after it's last ride! Yep, you know it's bad when!

I'm not too worried. You shouldn't either. It's just 'that time of year' and will pass.

So in conclusion: I am a wuss; it's wet & cold out; I'm lacking motivation; I most likely won't be racing anything (unless it's to the fridge in between commercials) until 2009; and three toe sloths are cool. Thank you.


Matt Spak said...

Better to accept the truth than continue to live in denial.

the original big ring said...

Isn't De Nial a river in Egypt?

MCF said...

I want a 3 toed sloth!

Peter M said...


Jerome said...

I held a 3 toed sloth once while in the amazon. Dude they are slow. kinda freaky when they wrap those nails around you.