Sunday, November 2, 2008

Really cold & icy road ride and rubber ducky

The Vegan Vagabond, Curvy Butt and I out on a ride yesterday.
VV on he new Blue road bike. Whoot! It's a beaut!

Headed into the Gats and this is what we found for a lot of it. The freak snow storm we got earlier in the week is still laying around at higher altitudes. People in and around Ottawa are lunatics for cross country and skate skiing. Put a little snow down and they come out in droves (all the marks on the road are from skiers - just in case you've never seen them before).

Some sections caused the cleats to get iced up.

Tanya pointed out chubby, brown beavers. This guy was sitting on the ice eating the bark off a little stick. I tried to Google a photo of a "chubby, brown beaver", but you wouldn't believe what's out there on the interweb.

weee hooooooooo

look closely
just missing bells

ran into bug eyed Zamboni (big ring racing's only "closet blogger") on the backside of Fortune
Stef turned around and finished our loop off with us

Vegan Vagabond putting the new bike through it's paces while Zamboni puts snot rockets through his nose

It looks like Curvy Butt's hands were cold . . . .nope, he always does that when we stop. Really.

I couldn't find my favourite shower cap, so I had to settle for a bread bag.

"How To Please Your Man" . . . . I'll tell you how to please your man - have a hot bath, his favourite fashion magazine and his rubber ducky waiting for him when he returns from a 3 degree ride in November!


MCF said...

ha ha ha!!! That's awesome!

I was sad to see you didn't have bells on! What's wrong with you man!

Dan Frayer said...

Looks like the cross country ski buffs up North like to wreck their gear by coming out too early. We still have wierdos on roller blades with ski poles having wet dreams about your weather.

love dan

the original big ring said...

rock skis - all the fanatics have about three or four sets of skis: dry snow, wet snow, race skis, and rock skis. freaks!

King said...

Pot calling the kettle black, how many sets of skis does Big Ring own?

the original big ring said...

two pairs, y' arsehole

one classic, one skate . . . . bite me.

Rodd Heino said...

Ya'all coulda (shoulda)come with us
Just under 6 hours of ridin'
140 km back to my door
lunch and coffee etc in the middle
We look forward to your attendance on the 23rd, the sunday
we had almost no snow coveredness

the original big ring said...

hi Rodd - i'll have to do that ride on my 1x9 mtn bike. i'm waiting on my Fisticuff from Vassago (can't wait!). AND of course, it's going to have to be sunny and warm, you'll have to go slow, and could we cut back the distance?! Geez.


The Vegan Vagabond said... many bike do you have?
just askin'...

Rodd Heino said...

Hey Craig
What size bike do you ride?
I have a complete Miyata touring bike with barcons and a triple you'd be welcome to borrow
You could also borrow my pink True North (if you can handle riding a pink bike) it currently has a single 42 ring up front for cross racing, but it would take no time at all to throw a triple on there, or even just a compact double.
Let me know
DO not ride the MTB
We will sort you out

King said...

Vagabond, I think it is 5, all mtb's at that, but two are basically sold. I just enjoy pointing out the irony of Big Ring calling somebidy else a fanatic.