Sunday, May 24, 2009

One off the podium

4th out of 11 single speed men division in the Opus Spring Epic 8 Hr on Saturday. Just back, too much unpacking, cleaning up and eating to do. Race report tomorrow evening'ish.


Peter Keiller said...

i'm not writing mine until you've written yours...mine will be more glorious that way...hurry's a start:

"i started slightly slower then Peter, he was on fire early. i slowly chiseled away at his lead for over 8 hrs...then...with the gap narrowed to 1 minute, and the time came to lay that LAST lap down (subsequently leap-frogging him for 3rd spot)...i a cheap deck of Spaks..."

Peter Keiller said...

you win.
i went first.
what's new you say...
bwahahaha etc...

see you at solstice?