Thursday, May 21, 2009


I see Pooh, do you?

Look closely.

Taa -daa

Curvy Butt was out for a ride the other day in the Gats and didn't notice this little guy until he was about ten feet from him. I'm not sure what's more difficult to believe: that Mark got this close to a bear or that he was actually out for a ride?!?! Bawhahahahahah . . . couldn't resist that dig.

Reminds me of two years ago doing a long mtn bike ride with Rick and we saw five bears in about six hours. Lots of bears up in the park.

Did you know that Winnie-the-Pooh's name comes from the Canadian city Winnipeg? True.

Pooh stuck in rabbit's hole.
That just cracks me up.
Pooh . . . . rabbit's hole . . . . . funny.


Peter Keiller said...

Spak beat you by 27+ minutes this weekend and you are talking of man-butts, pooh and gaping rabbit wholes?

Either get your shite together or pull the car into the garage and and shut the doors...

Dammit man...cycling is seriass business.

Word Verification..."talan"
not to be confused with talon, pretty much what i would have on my hands and feet if i was a mythical creature capable of flight and flame know for close combat and stuff.

the original big ring said...

Dude, go kick Matt - not a fellow brother. That timing was off - my computer, which matched up to my watch put me at 3hrs 52 min. That's WAY less than 27 min . . . like 19 min. I'm awesome.

If I'm going to ride for Misfits next year(you know, to fill the void that Dicky didn't fill), you can't be putt'n so much pressure on me for results . . . I'm all about the love.

mythical creature like a liger; bred for it's skills in magic?

Anonymous said...

love seeing the bears up there!
I typically see them in the fall.
The most close encounter with them had to be about 2 years ago. I was on my cross bike near the firetower and there was a mother and her 4 cubs. The cubs hit the tree. The mother on her back legs.
She was not a happy camper as I came around the corner in a jiffy.
Typically, I just yell at them and they take off.
Not this time. I took off... she was out to protect her young.

Another neat site - wolfs. I saw one only once down around the parkway near the path going to asticou.

Love seeing wild life like that. Tells me that the park is still alive.

As long as we don't encounter it too often. Then they are becoming fearless. A fearless bear is a dangerous bear. Most likely humans being careless and leaving garbage around etc...
Bears are afraid of us for the most part.

Peter Keiller said...

19/27 tomato/tomatoe
i live vicariously through the success' (and ultimately the failures) of others while my results toil away in obscurity...that's the way it works when you control the internet.

word verification "curli"

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's with all the hack-a-spak?

the original big ring said...

Matt, it that you?

Peter's been telling me that the competition is so high in the single speed solo division that I don't stand a chance at competing. SO . . . with his evil empire ways, he's twisted my mind to "hack a Spak".

He promised me money and fame.