Friday, June 19, 2009

Beat up

The body and bike took a beating this past weekend. Wednesday's commute home had me riding with one hand on the bike. My left wrist had a sharp pain in it while trying to hold onto the hoods. If I moved it one way it was fine, the other and it hurt real bad. I didn't notice it on the ride in and it didn't hurt on any of the other days. I had two crashes during the race, but I don't recall falling on my wrist.

Yesterday I felt the exact pain EXCEPT it was the right wrist. And the left felt okay. Freakshow. 78.5 km on a rigid, with only one other ride under my belt (which my belly hangs over), may be the culprit. Could also be my new music player too.

And what's more is my knee started to flare up today. Bugger me.

The bike didn't escape it's share of punishment either. Check out the two cracks in my aluminum King cog - cracked all the way through.

Clicky clicky to make larger to see the cracks. They are at 10 and 5 o'clock.
Cracking rear cogs . . . . might be a sign that you're a powerhouse or lard-ass.

Does anyone give a fork? Stef took his back from me so that he could give it a try (finally after sitting in a box in his basement for two years) at Chico Racing's 24 Hours of Summer Solstice this weekend. So looks like I'll be needing a rigid fork.

Speaking of the Summer Solstice race this weekend, which interestingly enough is North America's largest 24 hr race (did all you 'Mericans know that?), will be my second year in a row that I've missed it. Last year it took place the weekend before the BC Bike Race, so I opted out of racing to save myself for the seven days of riding (which probably made the difference of coming in 43rd instead of 44th in the BC race). This year I have a family commitment that I have to attend.

I really dig the atmosphere of Solstice and it seems everyone who rides a mountain bike in Ontario shows up for festival like race. I would very much have liked to make this weekends race my fourth solo attempt - and if I could have made the race, I would have done it on the single speed. Peter, Tanya, and Matt are going to need some company out there. Good luck to all participating and hopes for the rain to hold off.

Depending on the dates of it next year, I may end up missing it again as I have officially started a savings fund for either of these two races: 6 days or 7 days which I've vowed to do on the single speed. Yes, let it be proclaimed and documented that I've thrown my hat into the ring for the ultimate of self-torture.

Self-torture . . . a nice segue . . . . the Race Across America (RAAM) kicked off yesterday. My nephew, who is a member of Iron Stride running/triatholon club in Kingston, sent me a link to the Canadian Forces RAAM team, and more specifically LCol Tony O'Keefe's second attempt at the RAAM.


Peter M said...

You need a fork? I got a rigid one with my Vassago but have opted to go with suspension.

Big Bikes said...

Cracking rear cogs...might also be a sign that you're using some of the most overrated and overpriced products on the planet.

Oh, I am grumpy today, so glad I didn't say that on my blog, might have got folks all mad at me.


the original big ring said...

Peter - may take you up on that offer.

Thom - you said it . . . I'm moving to a Misfits cog.


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