Thursday, June 18, 2009

A night at the B4H warehouse

This past Monday night I (and a bunch of other happy-go-lucky volunteers) spent two and a half hours at the Bicycles For Humanity warehouse over in Hull prep'ing bikes to be sent over to Namibia later this month.

Need a kickstand? I can get you one.

We remove these because they get all tangled up when the bikes are being removed from the container upon delivery. We also take off the pedals (they get zipped tied to the bike), turn and drop the handle bars, lower the seat if need be, and take off any large cumbersome racks or anything that will make loading/unloading a hassle. The bikes don't need to be in perfect working condition - the people using them in the community will be educated on how to repair and maintain them. How's that expression go? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Found the perfect saddle for Curvy Butt.

Some old bikes come in to the warehouse in pristine condition. No rust on this old Raleigh.

An old CCM.

I've got one of these (actually a 1940 CCM Cleavland Motorbike) in parts in my basement - I found it a few years ago on the side of the road, unwanted. The plan is to restore it back to it's glory days when, if I find the time.

Crazy what people donate.

This trike will be a great bike for someone needing to haul stuff. Really, lots of potential possibilities for it - modified stretcher, delivery truck, school bus, etc. Maybe it will be used to haul beer.

Loads of parts and bits and pieces that will be jammed into every nook and cranny once the bikes are all loaded.

The container is being loaded on Saturday, June 27th. E-mail me or visit the above link for more information and if you can help out.


Big Bikes said...

And the whole alter-ego thing continues...I spent the past week organizing and prepping 85 kids bikes to donate to an inner-city school in Boston.

I have some similar photos I will be posting at some point on one of the blogs.

You actually gave me an idea. We have a lot of "B bikes" which are a little too beat up to donate to schools and youth organizations around here. I have a feeling that by some folks standards they'd be "A bikes" though. They were going to go in a giant recycling container, maybe they could have an alternate fate.

thanks dude!


the original big ring said...

Most all of the bikes donated need some work - rusted chains, brakes don't work, wheels out of true, missing parts, and so on. They're all sent and the folks receiving them learn how to maintain and repair them.