Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bike Prep

Spent a couple hours or so prep'ing bikes (taking off pedals, kickstands, turning bars, and dropping seats to better fit into the sea container) at the B4H warehouse to be loaded onto the container in June, which will be shipped over to Namibia. More info on that here.

Ride hard dudes.

We had about 250 bikes in the warehouse, from our bike drive on the weekend, which were donated to be sent over to change some lives. Most of them were your typical big box store brand bikes from varying years. Every now and then you'd come across a gem. Some beauty old bikes that I would have liked to kept and given a home. I'm sure that they'll get better use by someone who can use them to improve their lives.

*Any locals wanting to help prep bikes?
Please shoot me an e-mail (it's in my profile dealie thing over there -------------> )
We're having another prep night in another week or so.


Kark said...

I'm hoping my sched will permit me to help out with the next one. I just wasn't back from work in time for this one.

Peter Keiller said...

you humanitarian types make it real difficult like to block out reality.

good work.