Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot turtles cookie landspeed record

Dr. Peter (he's not like a real doctor, you know the kind that stick their finger in your bum - but Peter would like to) wanted to get some long'ish miles in yesterday, so I couldn't let him go at it alone. I had second thoughts (been having a lot of second thoughts lately) on riding after work due to the high temperature (+40 Celsius with the humidex - that's + 104 Farenhiet), but caved and decided to go and see what happened. I took two bottles on the bike and one in my jersey, some Zone Caps, and two bucks.

Peter wanted to get in around 100 km, so I suggested this ride. I wasn't sure if we were bitting off more than we could chew, so to speak, due to the ubber hot day. No sense going into the hurt locker and get all dehydrated - I got a big mtn bike ride this weekend!

Peter found someone/some reptile faster than me to draft off of.

Covered bridge in Wakefield.

We stopped to top up the bottles and grab a snacky at the bakery. My two bucks bought me a big ass oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie, which are the cat's meow.

Riding out of Wakefield towards Ottawa along the Gatineau River was much cooler than being out on the open road.

Peter climbing up River Road.

I finished off just a teeny tiny bit under 100 km - not bad for an after work ride. I also set my new all time land speed record on the hill at Mt Cascade = 88.51 km/hr. Not one cramp while riding - and just a tickle of one while stretching after the ride. I ended up drinking eight tell bottles in the three plus hour ride. I should have Salt Loaded before the ride, but didn't have time or chips, so I'm going to replace what I lost while I sit in front of the jumping box.


Peter M said...

Thanks for hauling me around! It wasn't the kind of day that motivates one to ride alone. And after admonishing you for not drinking enough the first half of the ride, I opened my CammelBak at the bakery to discover half my reservoir still full! Stupid. I felt a lot better after re-charging there. I'm still thirsty today though.

rick is! said...

thanks for the celcius calcs recently. it keeps us lazy americans from having to do simple math. :)

who am I kidding, I just google it.