Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tall Tree Wednesday Nights

Rolled out from the gate with five other riders in +32 degree Celsius heat (that's +89.6 Fahrenheit) last night for a loop of the park. It wasn't painful as other Wednesday nights, the kind where you bleed out your eyes, but it still hurt. I suck ass in the heat, thankfully it wasn't humid cause I suck even worse . . . like smelly ass.

On top of Champlain everyone regrouped - Wednesday nights are generally a "no drop" ride. Faster riders who get to the top often head back down the hill and keep slower riders company until they reach the top. Which is always nice for slower climbers like me - some fast, little skinny guy comes down with a big grin on his face and wants to talk to you while you try to summit the crest of a hill while your lungs are hanging out of your nose.

Speaking of noses, while riding along Matt wiped a big booger on the side of my jersey. "According" to him, there was a deer fly on me. Then he said he really wanted my Big Ring Racing jersey. I guess he thought he deserved it cause he was in his big ring the entire ride. Show off.
I'm going to have to explain to him the irony of the name big ring . . . . like calling a fat guy Tiny.

Kent launched an all-out sprint assault the last 300 meters or so which left him in a wrecked heap by the time he got to the water fountain. The guy has the uncanny ability to put himself automatically into the recovery position (as history would have it) just in case he passes out.
Stop, drop and roll.


Peter Keiller said...

stop calling yourself SLOW.
you arent slow.

you are FAST by LOWER standards is all.

i'm looking at my calender...

Matt Surch said...

Kent's recovery position is awesome. He could be an instructor. 'If you don't need to assume the recovery position after a ride or race, you haven't ridden hard enough.'