Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Mtn Bike Gat Ride

The Vegan Vagabond and I left from my place this morning for an all-day ride. The plan was to ride from my place, across the river and into the park and as follows: Gameline to the 15, up past Pink and onto Kingsmere, up to the number 1 (Ridge), to the 4, down into Camp Fortune, down the Camp Fortune Rd to Meech, to O'Brien, the 36, to the 50, 52 and down to the Wakefield turn-off, back up the 53 and to the 51 to Lac Philippe. From there, we back-tracked to O'Brien, up the Fortune Parkway to Ridge and then headed for home. Lots of climbing. All in I did 106 kms, 5 hours 35 minutes of ride time on the single speed.

Last time I saw Pascal was on one of the Tall Tree group road rides in the park - he and I were hanging off the back up Fortune, but he was able to hang on much better than I. He was able to join us for the first three or so hours.

Curvy Butt had the opportunity to put some miles on his legs - P7, the loop and back.

Token "I was there" photo. It was the first time this year that I've worn my Wingnut pack - being way back on the trails in the Gats there are no places to fill up mid-way. I felt really, really good riding today. I had to turn back around and head home, mid road loop, yesterday because my legs were anchors and my belly upset. Then less than 24hrs later and I was feeling f-i-n-e. Not pushing a hard pace, just felt strong and positive throughout.

The Vegan Vagabond prep'ing for her 4th solo 24 hr attempt (in a couple of weeks).

My first crack at full rigid. More tomorrow on that . . . . but I have to say that I was really digging it.


Anonymous said...

being way back on the trails in the Gats there are no places to fill up mid-way

--there are plenty of places to drink from, yah gotta know where otherwise you get the shits.
I always drink from the various gatineau drinking holes.
There are some.

Another interesting route:
up the 15 to 1 to the 24 then rip'n down the 40 to the 36 to the 50 to 52. Cut out at O'brien.
Just behind the 2nd shack at Obrien is a little trail. That will take you to the 27 (I think, its been a long time). That will bring you through to the Carmen trails... take that out to Carmen road. That will take you through to power line etc...

(you guys probably know that already though, use to be one of my more favourite rides)

Supposedly, there is a trail near Brown's lake that will take you out to the 50 somehow...

the original big ring said...

I haven't ridden PL (or MO) very much at all - maybe two or three times in as many years. When I did, I really liked it.