Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kaaa-plooo-eeee curvy road ride

About 30 minutes into today's ride I flatted. Ran through a crack in the pavement the size of the Grand Canyon and KAA-PLOOO-EEEEEE! Tore right through the side wall. Didn't have a boot to patch it up, so I had to use a wee bit of electric tape (see below) that I had wrapped around my air cartridge.

Curvy Butt sitting on my wheel drafting. To draft off me is like sitting behind a barn door - I'm so big and fat.

Country side jaunt.

Curvy Butt . . . . and you ask me why I call him such a horrible name. See for yourself. Bodacious booty on him. Someone should really talk to him about his panty lines though. I would, but we just don't have that kind of relationship.

This is what my tire looked like after 100km. The electric tape held - looked like an awkward teenagers pimple by the end of it though. Lucky for me it didn't go KAA-PLOOO-EEEEE again.

**Late edit**
Curvy Butt just sent me this . . . . man, am I a keeper or what!?!


Big Bikes said...

Curvy butt -
at least he doesn't suffer from the condition known as "Girl Butt". While it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to have a "Girl Butt" or even a "Guy Butt". When a guy appears to be a woman from behind while riding a bicycle it is just plain disturbing.

the original big ring said...

Oh I don't know . . . I could easily start calling him Girlie Butt. At what point does he have a girl butt? When you get semi turned on while riding behind him? Hmmmm . . . .

Matt Surch said...

Having your baby sleep on your chest has to be one of the best things one can experience in life. That might be reason enough to have another....