Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Bug Rug

Anyone who knows me, rides with me, or even perhaps pays enough attention to my blog, knows that I like to keep all my bikes clean - the cleaner the better. My bikes have better personal hygiene than I do - anyone who knows me, rides with me, or even perhaps pays enough attention to my blog will agree with that.

And why wouldn't I keep my bike clean as possible!?! I put a lot of money into it and I spend a lot of time on it, I want it to work and look it's best. So, makes sense to me to use a bike bra, bike skirt (as Numbnuts likes to call it . . . . (sigh) "we tease the ones we love"), bike cover, or whatever you want to call it. I travel a lot to races and to visit family, so the bike is always on the roof and most often I'm traveling through north country. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, your bike gets covered in shit (road debris - bugs, dirt, pollen, moose, gnomes, etc.). Call me a sissy-girl, but anyone who has ever traveled with bikes on the roof of a car will tell you it takes a lot of work to scrub off dead, smooshed insects that have been baked on. I also like a bike bra to help dispell water from entering expensive and important parts like headsets, hubs and bottom brackets - I find the cover helps spread the rain out and prevents the high pressure water action that can take place if you get stuck driving in the rain.

My last bike cover I've had for a couple of years, but has finally succumb to a wear and tear. Reality being it was product lacking any kind of quality or longevity. Then why did I buy it? Lack of anything better on the market (at the time). What I did not like about my old bike bra was the second rate lycra material - it was loose, thin and would flap around while on the bike. From the get-go I found it to tear slightly and the seams began to fray. It was really poor craftsmanship.

In my search for something to protect my investments I came across and advertisement in an issue of Canada's thickest and most widely sought after bicycle magazine - Pedal Magazine.

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Bug Rug - I researched into the products that they offer and liked what I saw. They offer a bike cover that fits the bike snuggly and completely - the cover wraps around your bars snuggly and then attaches over your bike tray/fork with a clip. The material is thick and robust, but not so much as it acts like a sail on-top of your car. The material allows the wind to blow through, but traps all road debris from covering your expensive bike.

They make covers for both road/cx and mountain bikes, in fork and wheel mount options. What's cool about Bug Rug is they offer a unique looking cover that comes in a number of styles. They can also create a totally customizable bike cover (for a very reasonable additional cost) for anyone wishing to go that route - which I can see would be an option for teams, clubs or bike shops. Finally, the folks at Bug Rug are uber nice and easy to deal with - I had my Bug Rug within two days of ordering it.

** This ain't the announcement you were looking for? Tough. Go pound rocks or come back tomorrow.**


Sandro said...

Talking about a airbrake... I always mount my bike on the back of the car. It doesn't get too dirty and the car doesn't drink that much more.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting one!