Sunday, July 26, 2009

If you said . . . .

Misfit Psycles, you'd be correct.
'How anti-climatic to all the hoopla and poopla I've been reading on the Misfit blog,' you say?
I would agree - I would be expecting someone with more pizazz (or pizza) as well.

Despite what you say, I am pleased as punch to be riding for Misfit Psycles to the very best of my sub-average skill range until I am no longer wanted or the business folds . . . either is a definite possibility based on my presence alone.

Why do you build me up Buttercup?

I can hear the groans now, from I'm sure the thousands upon thousands of readers on the Misfit blog, who are in disblief about Peter's choice of such a lackluster rider to join the team. After his slatherings of build up placing me in the same class as such riders as Lance, Dicky, Keith Bontrager, Harlan Price and Ling, among others . . . . I'm just out classed and out gunned.

Seemed like a good choice to me.

Placed on a pedestal, a flower pedestal if you will - a pretty pink one . . . . you have to really wonder about Peter's decision to bring me over to the team. I am certainly not fast, I podium only at races where there are three or less riders (and don't believe it's not a skill finding races with three or less single speeders in it).
What I believe is that Peter is still on the rebound after having his heart broken by Dicky's decision to ride for Moots. I'm not sure of his other failed relationships since Dicky, but I'm sure he became an internet predator trawling the inter-web waters for rising cycling stars willing to ride for the dark empire.

No such luck would pan out for him and he had to settle for a domestic - with lack of single speed bloggers in the true north strong and free, it was an easy decision or rather a surrendering to. In an attempt to keep me happy and content and wanting to stay, he's buttered me up, doted over me publicaly, and lathered me in presents to keep me happy and by his side.

Yes, the pink frame was mine. Yes, I requested a pink frame. Yes.
Big, fat, special unveil is tomorrow.


The Evil MGE! said...

Well,Well,Well...Dicky Wannabe. Oh yeah, you heard me. Pink? What are you gonna be doing next? Flouncing around in a skirt with a flower in your ear and singing old Chicago songs?

Pink? What the hell was the empire thinking. Oh yea, I'm sure the rebels are quaking in their boots at the thought...Whats next? Pink Vader, Pink Death Star?

Bunch of Dickie wannabes!

Oh yeah,Congrats! =)

Big Bikes said...

That is an awesome pink bike.
I approve 100%.


Peter Keiller said...

MGE - the pink frame is not a reflection ON the Empire as much as it is a social mockumentary.

Each and every time Mr Ring lines up at a race the Empire in itself will appear that much more masculine and evil by contrast in the eyes of the individual assemblage.

OR - at the same time and without contradiction, the Empire will seem eclectic and tolerant to those outside the outside of the norm.

The pink frame isn't really pink.

The pink frame is what you see, any feelings associated with the frame are yours, you own at peace with that.

The Evil MGE! said...

Dear Mr. Keiller,

We all know the one known as Dickie has drawn your fancy for quite some time. As we all know you spent quite a bit of time with him at Moots Factory and during the Breck Epic. Unfortunately, you have succumbed to what is now further known as Dickyism and believe the new black is pink.

Poor,Poor Vader. All dressed in Pink and no one to take home. Maybe Big Ring will leave a few dollars on the dresser. I'm no muggle blinded by the dressings of the world. Its just another flouncy pink frame but it does have some nice curves so I'll let it go.

BTW: That orange is sick!

Mr. Monster said...

Welcome to the fold! Mrs. Monster guessed correctly!

smooch said...

its a great bike, nothing wrong with pink lol