Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Ride

Got out early'ish yesterday morning with Stu for a road loop of the park. It was moist and hummid - conditions that I don't do well in . The dampness does something to my lungs and I find it hard to get a full breath in. Same thing happens in the shower. Meh. What are you going to do. To better prepare for these type of conditions I'm setting up the trainer in the shower over the winter.

That's Disco Stu . . . you may not recognize him from the arse end. Perhaps you saw him at the last 24 hr race . . . .

Here's mud in your eye.

Chico's 24 Hr Summer Solstice turned into 12 hours of rain and mud before they shut it down. Stu pushed his bike to nine laps for a very impressive second place finish in the men's solo division (2nd our of 24 riders). Last year Stu and I battled it out in a race or two and we were generally about the same speed. This year however, the guy is fast! He hauled me around the loop and waited for me at the top of climbs.

View from Champlain yesterday morning - hazy and foggy . . . . like how my lungs and legs were feeling.

Crazy legged skaters

On my way home I ride though the back streets of my neighbourhood and came across a skateboard slalom contest near Dovercourt Community Centre. I stopped to watch for a bit. I spoke to one guy and the fastest time down the course was nine seconds. Freaky fast.

Got home to find The Peanut just off the boob and she had the JAMS. Just Ate Must Sleep. Out like a light.

Recovery food. Toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwich. Don't knock it until you've tried it - yummmmy.

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Big Bikes said...

Moist and humid...
it's been raining for like six weeks down here. Boston is the new Portland Oregon and if it keeps up, we'll be the new North Queensland.

My shoes are growing moss.

I don't have any bread...what do you think about peanut butter and bacon pudding?