Wednesday, July 1, 2009

School's out & going steady

School is finally out for summer and I am free. Free I tells ya. I don't think that I could have lasted one more week without committing some hideous act of violence against one or all of my nutbar students which would have found my ugly mugg on the front page of the newpaper. I cannot completely and 100% tell you what a relief it is to be finished.

With all this free time on my hands I'm getting to spend lots of time working in the workshop.

You don't actually use those for brushing your teeth, do you?! Bike gets cleaned first, then the teeth.
Recycle your toothbrush!

What? I've got great oral hygiene.

Working away wrenching on a bike I've finally made a decision that I've been tinkering with for a couple months now . . . . to ride exclusively single speed from here on out (mtn bike that is). Yes, exclusively single speed. That means my big race of the year, the Wilderness 101 down in Pennsylvannia, will truly be a sufferfest like I've never suffered before. I'm embracing the suffering to be honest. No ride from here on out will ever be completely easy.
Meh. Easy is overrated.

We're going steady.

So, since I'll only be on one bike from here on out, I'm selling off most of my geared gear.

The first to go is this very lightly used Vassago Bandersnatch and bits (King headset, White Bros Magic 29 fork, Thomson seatpost and stem, Easton Monkey Lite carbon low rise bar, Salsa seat collar, WTB Rocket V saddle). Tell your friends!
This is truly an awesome bike. It's the same frame geometry used on the Jabberwocky - the same bike as current points leader in the single speed category for the Marathon Challenge series uses. So you know it's got to be good!

Also up on the chopping block:
  • Hope Mono Mini brakes
  • X9 & X7 rear derailleurs
  • a couple bottom brackets
  • a BLT lighting system
  • etc.
You can find all of these items here (clicky clicky!)

All profit made from my sales will go directly towards my "2010 Yet-To-Be-Announced Stage Race Fund".

And since I've made the decision to suffer I may as well go all in. Rigid. I located a never used White Brothers rigid 29'er fork! Whoot!
Thanks Peter!


Mark said...

How much and what size on the Vassago? Email me:

the original big ring said...

Hi Mark,
e-mail sent.

Bandobras said...

Hmmm, has stuff to make riding more comfortable but would rather have more pain.
You realize this could be the start of a very long downward trend. Be very very careful.
But enjoy.

rick is! said...

nice. if you don't hate the w101 too much this year, I'll see you next!

Jason said...

Hmmm, those Hope Mono Minis are tempting! Damn you!!!