Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Extra Miles

With the race on this past Sunday, I decided to get a long ride in on Monday as well to get the legs ready for some big miles down south later this month. The VV was heading out as well to get ready for her multi day stage race at the Intermontane Challenge that's taking place at the end of this month. We ended up doing a loop of the park and a there and back to Champlain - all told from my place aprox. 90 kms. Curvy Butt joined us for the there and back portion. It was an easy pace, just what I needed after Sunday's effort, but threw in some hard efforts on a few climbs to blow all the crap out of my legs. That, and in combination with stretching and rolling out my legs did the trick.

Climbing Fortune

VV in the drops

Panorma from the Champlain Lookoff

Raven playing in the up drafts

Curvy Butt was making me nervous pointing those things my way - nearly took my eye out.

Calm night with rain clouds in the background over the Ontario side of the Ottawa River.

Making my way back home via the Champlain Bridge

Hello sailor! Who's that handsome fella?!?


Anonymous said...

mon, yah gotta be doing more than 90km rides for 166km worth of racing!
Yah just gotta!

There are some guys like Tinker who would do 140-160km rides day after day in preparation for the ultra marathon races.

They are damn tough.
They are some of the damn toughest things I have ever done.
Its not just the kms (miles) that kill yah. Its the heat and the hills. You'll be putting on major ascending milage.

it hurts.
Better put the major hurt in now rather than there.

And, make sure your bike is in tip top shape.

One race took me 12 hours to get there. I got there. Started the race. I heard this welching like some dog was humping my leg...
Then the rear wheel just locked up. F-ckn bearings!
Do a twice over on your ride.
Prep' yourself with miles and miles on end.
Do lots of hill work till it makes you cream your pants with blood.

the original big ring said...

80km of hard riding Sunday, 90 km of easy to moderate Monday, hill repeats Thursday (#40), Technical riding Friday (Kanata), 140 km this Sunday. Meh. Probably not enough miles, but what are you going to do?

** too funny - the word verification was "suffr" as in 'suffer'