Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Slacking

Being off for the summer (hey, don't b*tch to me about teachers having it easy, you should have become one - suckas) I'm out of routine and into summer slacking.
Schedule: get up, make coffee, make some energy breakfast, settle down in front of the jumping box to watch the Tour while stretching & doing some core work, get ready and go for a ride.

Chocolate honey (yes, it does exist) & peanut butter AND peanut butter & banana (my favourite).

Morning coffee and the Tour

** my server is down and all my scheduled posts are all over the place.


Mike MacDonald said...

I wish I was a teacher.

Anonymous said...

teachers make too much.
lots of people make too much.
I want some.
Marry me.
or, I better go find some rich bitch.

the original big ring said...

Mike - never too late.

Jeff - would never marry you . . . besides not floating my boat your way, you smell badly (at least your van did the one time I rode with you). Also, in my opinion, you're a little bit fugged in the head - just saying.

Teachers don't make too much. You wouldn't last one day doing what I do . . . that being said, I don't teach the 'normies'.