Thursday, July 9, 2009

Run to the hills

In attempt to get some climbing legs underneath me in preparation for some l-o-n-g climbing that's coming up, I got out for some hill repeats over in the park this afternoon . . . . cause, being a teacher and having the summer off, what else am I going to do (salt in the wounds for a blog reader for yesterday).

The plan was to do three hill repeats on each of the three big hills in the park: Pinks, Blacks/King Mtn, and Fortune. On my first ride up each hill I set the odometer on the computer to check the distance, and locals correct me if I am wrong, but here is what I got: Pink = 1 km (give or take a few dozen meters), Blacks/King Mtn = 1.4 km (this was from the base of the larger portion of the climb - just after the MacKenzie King parking lot dealie, not from the Gatineau/Champlain intersection obviously, to the top where the picnic/parking lot is), and finally Fortune = 2.1 km (from the bottom at Meech Rd. to the beginning of the Lac Fortune, just past the yellow 'hill' sign).
  • 3 x Pink @ 1 km = 3 km of climbing
  • 3 x Blacks/King Mt @ 1.4 km = 4.2 km of climbing
  • 3 x Fortune @ 2.1 km = 6.3 km of climbing
Grand total = 13.5 km of hill repeat climbing, plus all hills in between. My total for the ride was a hair over 80 km return trip from home. Legs felt really good throughout. No interval stuff, ie. one legged climbs, standing sprints, spin ups, etc. Just seated climbs in a gear that I had to work, but not so much to send me over the edge.

Yes, I like Iron Maiden. Yes, I used to have a mullet.

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Andy said...

I just did my first hill repeats this evening. 6x pink lake hill. I felt really good throughout, no "bad" pain, alternating sitting and standing climbs.

Still wondering if there's a right way or a wrong way to do hill repeats. I don't really know what I'm doing - just didn't have time for a full park loop tonight (started late) so I decided to try something different.

PS... I find listening to Lamb of God really keeps me pumped when suffering!!