Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shake down

My reasons for no post yesterday is twofold, one: wanted you to drink the last post in, second: I've been sooooo freak'in crazy busy the past two days and it's not getting any less freak'in busy in the next day or so. I did get out for a shake down ride yesterday. Why so long since the build? Rain. Rain. And more rain. The Ottawa area hasn't this much rain in July, and cooler temps, for over 70 years (apparently according to CBC Radio news - what's not to trust?). I could give a rat's ass if it was hot (I hate the heat and humidity), but all this rain is fugging unbelievable.

identity crisis?

Oh she's a dirty girl. She's so saucy. Aren't you?! Aren't you saucy!?
Yes, you are. Yes, you are.


Unknown said...

It's official. They announced it on the radio this morning:

Rainest. Month. In. Ottawa. Ever.

Not just for July; for ever. We beat the record last set in June in 2002, I think I heard them say.

the original big ring said...

Ray - that's just b-r-u-t-a-l !

Peter Keiller said...

ottawa outhouses are as stupid as the weather.

wtf is the point in having a door at all when they CLEARLY have a giant window overlooking the contents of the neighboring outhouse???