Monday, July 27, 2009

Unveiled - finale

Taa daa.
Pretty, ain't she?
I'm talking about the bike.

* note the Misfit circular death disc bikini top*

Late last week a big box of pink goodness and flaming heads arrived on my doorstep. That envelope in the box . . . . . my first big wad of cash for agreeing to ride for Misfits

Elsa was diggin' the new lid

Headbadge has got a Donny Darko thing going on.

Scarier than a fat guy in drag.

Misfit Dissent sans hottie

Handbuilt in Ontario by none other than Hugh Black of True North Cycles .

I'll be back to running rigid on it after the Wilderness 101 this upcoming weekend down in PA
- far too long of a distance, with far too much descending in rock gardens, to be running a rigid fork.

this ain't chromoly tubing - true temper platinum OX with true temper verus HT stays and aircraft 4130 TT with Paragon sliders
Want one? clicky clicky

Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted a pink bike. Now I've got the bestest pink bike in the whole wide world.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

that is a sweet bike. me want.
I've got a soft spot for pink too.

congrats and nice tighty whities.

Big Bikes said...


W101 advice: Take lots of naps this week and don't go running.


Mark said...

Wow, that chick is Hawt! She should pose for She Male Magazine!

As for the bike, that's hot, too. Pink is nice and you will be noticed on the trail for sure!

Dan Frayer said...

much like that handmade frame, my steel is also real. Lets see those nipples.

love dan

Golonghardman said...

At the least the bike looks svelte, how do you maintain that substantial girth with all the riding you do?

rick is! said...

man, I almost missed the near nakedness.

Pascii said...

Lovely lovely bike. I love lovely bikes.
You like? If it got you through that 101 race, it should get you through pretty much anything...
Good going on that as well. That's a lot of drivin n ridin!
I got tired just looking at the elevation profile.