Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Greasier than Ponch

Picture is two fold, but perhaps maybe three . . . I'm only going to make reference to two, so pound rocks until I'm ready to tell you the third fold. More folds than a Chinatown phone directory - folds being Chins.

First Fold:
Erik Estrada . . . . greasy. That would describe the ride tonight. It was hot, humid, wet and slicker than chickens snot. To boot it was a night ride, my first this year and back on the rigid fork. Buckin bronchin fun. Some (most . . . all) the climbs hurt, but got better and the legs felt a little better. Got some high end (read: throwing up afterward) intervals planned for later in the week. Yay - throw up!

Second Fold:
Erik Estrada . . . . he's got a killer bod. Rwoooooooaar! So, for the next few weeks or months I'm going to work hard to get my near clydesdale category weight and flabbiness molded something in the resemblance of Ponch.

Something else . . .

Be somebody fool and click the link below.

Seriously, click it.


Matt Spak said...

Don't fall pray to the button, it's a bad button, it has a virus attached and will start tracking your every move.

Peter Keiller said...

if i don't see some shaven assed reviews and barbie poses soon you will be disqualified!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I didn't click it. I'm waiting for something more convincing than "Seriously, click it."

Don't get cocky though, Spak. I didn't click yours either.

Good ride last night and even better banana bread.