Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fuzz, Johnny Law, Po po, Coppers

About a year a go I decided it was about time I left teaching. It was a great career, lots of good experiences and let me do lots in life, but I felt it was time to move on to something else. I decided to attempt to do something that I've always wanted to do - be a policeman. A year later, after a ton of testing, applications, interviews, more testing, more interviews, background check, etc. I was offered a position. I found out about back in July and started this week.

CHIPS - mmmmmmm, I love chips. Me and Jon . . . . pffft, Ponch my arse.

Perhaps I could slide across the hood of a police car like Bill Shatner. My wife may be jealous of Heather Locklear though.

If I'm lucky, after they make a TV show about me they'll make an action figure of me too.

Some big changes have begun this week for me and some bigger ones around the corner. I'm sure I'll toddle on about them in the next coming week or so. But until then . . . .

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Anonymous said...

I heard Ottawa, TO and others are hiring like mad right now... guess they figure a lot of crime is on its way?

(probably a lot of cops retiring)

not sure I would have given up having summers off with a nice pension though...
tough call it must of been... but, if yah need a change yah need a change.

if you see any names in the database you recognize - delete them ... :)
(get your ass fired for that though... cops are under scrutiny all the time)

rick is! said...

what, no super troopers reference? You should be ashamed! :)

cornfed said...

you should compare notes with my buddy 8ball (now referred to as Jump Street). He recently swapped, got tested, molested, and back ground chested, survived the rigorous 6 months of hell in basic training, and is now out on his own patrolling the mean streets of Nashvegas. B shift, sucky hours, weds/thurs off and no time to see his wifey poo.

He does get to shoot things and carry cool toys and drive fast though.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want it...
don't forget - you live by the act now...
everything in your life is wide open to public scrutiny.

You have to be a good little boy.

never in a million years would I want to be a cop.
I work with them every day. The sht they have to go through is just craziness.
Deal with asses up above and deal with asses on the streets.
Sure they have a gun. But, like everything else that is loaded... you have to cover up before you pull out.
Or, you will cum.

Matt Spak said...

Just because you will have a gun in the very near future doesn't mean people should click your little Misfit button.

He is not allowed to shot the general public so don't do it. don't click it. It's a trap!!!

the original big ring said...

Maybe I should stay being a teacher Matt then I could teach you how to spell, use punctuation and proper grammar.

"shot" = 'shoot'

"don't ....." = 'Don't

I can't say this using my teacher voice, but I can using my new cop voice . . . . You're a dumb ass.

; )