Friday, August 28, 2009

Quintuple Pave Classic

What? QuinTuple Pave Classic (Tall Tree Team Time Trial)
Yes, its dubbed a team TT, but the spirit is really team randonnee. Readers familiar with this genre will likely suspect I have invented this term; they would be correct, I have. I like the short version, 'team rando;' I think it is a format that holds a lot of promise. We'll see. We've found that doing group rides on difficult terrain is challenging, because there tends to be a broad range of abilities in the mix. That's cool we want to pull all sorts of riders into the fold to enjoy the routes. However, inevitably, some find themselves waiting too much, others chasing too much. The team rando format allows riders to ride in groups of similar abiilties, working together at whatever pace is desired. Two teams can work together, more even. Or teams can try to drop each other. Whatever, the idea is to have a good time.
  • 5 riders per team, all riders must finish in order for time to count. Last rider's time is the team's time.
  • Tandems count as two riders.
  • Teams that can't manage 5 can ride with 4 as a last resort, but we encourage you to get up to 5.
  • We will match up riders to complete/form teams.
Distance: 145k (including 10k neutral rolling start from Lac Leamy).

When I first heard talk of this ride I was very excited about it and was really looking forward to getting out and suffering with four other guys/gals. Unfortunately, I've got the Marathon Challenge Series Championship which I will be attending that same weekend. A possible series championship is in reach for me and on the line. I've worked hard at earning the points to take the overall single speed points lead and championship.

Now, when I say "worked hard" . . . . let me qualify that:
  • I drove to the races
  • I got out of my car
  • I got on my bike
  • I rode the race (key word is 'rode', not raced)
  • I finished the races
To be honest and fair, there was no significant amount of competition at the races in the single speed division. First race, I think there were two of us - and the other guy didn't finish due to a mechanical - by default I finished first. Second race, I believe there were three or four of us - Peter and I came in tied for first - (I'm not even sure Dan gave us points because there was no podium finish for us). Third race, there were about five or six of us - I officially came in third, but they didn't record me crossing the line, so listed me as fourth (later it was corrected and I believe I got the points). The last race I couldn't attend but didn't sound like many finished - not sure how points were awarded. So based on attendance alone, it looks like I stand a good shot at taking the championship. I think the prize is a big ass cookie. Well worth making the five hour drive for.

PRIZE UPDATE: will announce empty tin suggestion winner this evening.

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