Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Crossfit, not . . .

. . . . this, or . . . . .

. . . . this.

Anyone ever do any crossfit work outs. The presribed workouts here are based on Crossfit principles - functional movements that are intense and change up alot. Today we had a 20 station workout where we spent one minute at each station working as hard as we could - max intensity. We completed this circuit twice. A very good workout in only 40 minutes. Uber cross training for cycling.
But then again, so is dressing up in women`s clothing.
I usually spend the winter months xc skiing (classic and skate), spinning in the basement and doing a little core. This year I`ll be keeping up with the spinning, skiing when I can (maybe once or twice a week) and incorporating some sort of crossfit program (whether a crossfit program or some sort of mixed martial arts program). Drop some weight, strengthen the core and become champion of the world. Anything less and I will be thoroughly disappointed . . . .
. . . . then I`ll start dressing in women`s clothing.

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