Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Running man

I'd rather have spent my money on bike related products.

Running shoes. I don't recall the last time I actually went out and bought 'running' specific shoes. I hate running. It hurts my legs. It hurts my feet. It hurts my knees. It feels like my teeth are going to fall out. It's slow and boring. I hate it.
Alas, I need to do it as part of training, so I am trying to embrace it and make it not as bad as my head tells me it is. On the weekend I went out and purchased a pair of shoes. *sigh* . . . . money that could have been well spent on my bike.
I partly feel that I am cheating on my bike . . . spending money and time on 'another' activity. I hope my pink diSSent doesn't find out - it'd break it's girly heart.
It's not that bad really. I've been getting out three or four times a week - learning about stride, technique and pacing. Feels strange to be a newbie learning about something new or something that I suck at. Meh. It's a workout.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Run in the trails! Much more fun.

I'm going to be disappointed if you come back a tri-geek Big Ring.

Mike MacDonald said...

Welcome to my world of pain! Running is definitely a love hate relationship! Keep it up.


rick is! said...

at least running will help you with your bone density, unlike riding. enjoy.

Big Bikes said...

I tried running a couple times this season. Went out cold the first time and ran stairs for 45 minutes...I couldn't walk for a week after that.
Stupid running.

Why are we running again?


Jerome said...

Welcome indeed to the running life. The only advise I would give is make sure you've got the right shoes, and don't dive in to aggressively. I've had more injuries to over training with running than I have in all other sports I've been involved in combined. It's good fun though. And, a consistent work out is easier when running than cycling (at least that's my opinion). Cheers!