Saturday, September 12, 2009

Skid Marks on my Knickers

A look inside also details a freshly laid skid mark. Scratch and sniff? Peter left that out of his post and all for himself to enjoy while sitting in a darkened closet eating cheesies and caramel squares.

My first time on the inter world wide webbed in almost a week. Too many e-mails to sort through, so I deleted them all as I have no time to read them. And a quick read through the 'regulars' of the blogging world and I come across this. Gratitude in this world is certainly lacking.
Peter played along in my empty bag balm tin game, so won a prize.
I kept good on what I said, so sent him a little sum'thang sum'thang:
  • famous knickers and team issued bikini top
  • Stan's booger
  • an official fan issue autographed photo (not in the photo above) and I kissed
  • a tooth brush that I cleaned my bike with
  • Anti Monkey Butt stuff
  • Nipple guards (he as sensitive nipples, as do I)
And just under it was this. Bullshit! Total bullshit. I'm not even in the running for creating the most links to the Empire?!?!?!?!! What the hell is wrong with you all? I'm placing all the blame squarely on your shoulders. If you want a prize-o-prize you'd better get your arses in gear and start clicking away (over there on the right --------->).

1 comment:

Big Bikes said...

I guess I missed the memo about the linky contest (I do try to read every day or at least every post). Being the knucklehead that I am, I probably clicked on almost every link anyway - Where does it go? I just have to find out, click! Ah! Illegal, weird Belgian porn site! Shit, I'm probably on a list no one wants to be on now.

Congratulations on the new work thing, I can't believe they actually gave you a gun.

Didn't want to out my career change plans in the interview a while back, for fear of totally freaking out my employer, but I am beginning on the path to becoming a K-5 Educator. Can't resist that teacher lifestyle!

I suppose I could have told you all this in an email so that your millions of readers wouldn't have to snooze through this absurdly long comment.

Oh well.